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Personal Holiness

In this episode, we will read the familiar story of the "Good Samaritan." We will be challenged to think deeply about our moral standards and how they are informed. 

When Jesus sent the 72 missionaries ahead of him as described in Luke 10, he told them to go without delay and to stay where their news was accepted and leave when it was not. He told them they had no reason to fear. Why aren't more Christian disciples sharing the good news? 

Shiloh Newsletter - Q3 2019

Pastor Dan reads content of Shiloh's 2019 3rd Quarter Newsletter.

Book 3: Christian Behavior; Chapter 3: Social Morality

Are Christians responsible for driving social morality? Is the a one-size-fits-all Christian morality?

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The Cost of Discipleship

In this week's reading, Luke 9:51-62, Jesus teaches that the cost of discipleship is not a matter of personal suffering as often as it is total devotion to the Lord even when the Lord doesn't make sense. 

“I Was Wrong” My Story

George Ball, Pastor & Staff / Parish Relations leader shares today's message. 

The Trinity

Courtney Heberer, Worship Arts Director shares today's message discussing the Holy Trinity. 

We Are Family

Through redemption, we are welcomed back into the household of God the Father. By the power of the Holy Spirit we a transformed and given new birth into the family of God. That makes us brothers and sisters. We are family.

Like the four main compass points, the cardinal virtues stand as constants in the human character. Deviating from them leads to lostness and chaos. Abiding by them leads to virtue that lasts for eternity. 

Have you ever felt envious of your neighbor? Have you been tempted to compare your worth to someone else's? Do other people's successes help you to feel bad about yourself? Join us as we look at the relationship between Peter and John and how Jesus handled them.

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