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In this episode we look at Book 1, Chapter 2. What's the difference between moral law and heard instinct? 

JESUS: Shepherd

Jesus gave us practical ways to recognize false shepherds and the Enemy. He said he would never sneak in under darkness. Rather, he entered through the gate and was announced by the gatekeeper. He said his Word would be recognized and understood. He said He would lead us toward safety and deliverance. Christ is or true shepherd. That means we must obey Him, learn His Word, and follow wherever He leads us.


In this episode Pastor Dan and Bethany discuss Book 1, Chapter 1 of Mere Christianity. Using questions from Steven Urban's Mere Christianity Study Guide (MereChristianity.org), we consider the implications of Lewis's rationale. 

Join us for this introductory episode in the series dedicated to studying C. S. Lewis's "Mere Christianity." Join the conversation at the Knowing God With Heart and Mind Facebook group 

Pastor Dan reads the Shiloh United Methodist Church March 2019 newsletter

​Jesus is on a journey toward the cross when we encounter him this week. Are we ready to accept his cross as our redemption? Are we ready to take up our own cross of faithful discipleship?

Who is the captain of your life? 
Who overcomes the storms? Defeats the enemy? 
Who will deliver you safely home? 
Sing, pray, learn, love as we celebrate the captain of the Lord's army.

Well, the plan for the virtual church classroom has changed. Sorry for the false start.
We will be studying “Mere Christianity” by CS Lewis. More info shortly.

When Jesus comes to church things start happening. Sometimes it's upsetting and even frightening. Scripture is interpreted with authority, demons are cast out, and people are healed. Is that what you expect when you come to church? What if Jesus comes too?

2nd Mile Sunday

This is a special podcast. We will hear from Jessika Henning, Joyce Fleck, and Pastor Dan Sinkhorn as they share about Shiloh United Methodist Church's outreach and mission. An added bonus is heard as the Shiloh YA Band offers praise and worship music. 

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