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We Are Family

Through redemption, we are welcomed back into the household of God the Father. By the power of the Holy Spirit we a transformed and given new birth into the family of God. That makes us brothers and sisters. We are family.

Like the four main compass points, the cardinal virtues stand as constants in the human character. Deviating from them leads to lostness and chaos. Abiding by them leads to virtue that lasts for eternity. 

Have you ever felt envious of your neighbor? Have you been tempted to compare your worth to someone else's? Do other people's successes help you to feel bad about yourself? Join us as we look at the relationship between Peter and John and how Jesus handled them.

Thomas' declaration of, "My Lord and My God" carries serious implications for all Christians. Does your similar confession cause you to surrender your will to Christ's Kingship? 

In this episode we begin Book 3 by reviewing Lewis' overview of morality. 

If you'd seen Jesus just three days after his brutal death would you have been frightened? Think you're seeing a ghost? "Peace be with you," he said. Then the scars told redemption's story.

In Book 2, chapter 5 Lewis draws some practical conclusions about Christ, the sacraments, and God's patient invasion plans. 

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When Jesus found his disciples lounging at the table of unbelief he rebuked them and gave them instructions for spreading the Gospel. In this message, we'll find out what we are expected to do and from whom our authority comes. 

Who is the "perfect penitent" and why? Why does God have to become a man? In this episode we discus Jack's explanation of the trouble we're in and the only way to be saved.


What does it mean to love Jesus? If you love him, will you do whatever he asks of you? What if he wants you to go where you don't want to go? These are hard questions to face.

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