Knowing God With Heart and Mind

Dare to Love: The Power of Forgiveness: Repentance

A series of messages about forgiveness would be incomplete without considering the importance of seeking forgiveness from God. Until we do so, we cannot genuinely forgive others and ourselves. Join the Shiloh family on Sunday to worship, pray, and learn about the importance of repenting. 

Dare to Love: The Power of Forgiveness ~ ”Seventy Times Seven”

God intends to judge us all according to the one standard, His Son Jesus Christ. As recipients of inconceivable grace, we must share it with others. In fact, it is overflowing so that we should spill it into the world. Our undeserved cup of blessing never drains and always spills over its brim.

Dare to Love: The Power of Forgiveness - ”The Cup of Blessing”

We gather around the Lord’s Table as one family of Christian Believers from around the globe on World Communion Sunday. We come from many nations, cultures, languages, and races but we have one thing in common and we celebrate it in the act of Holy Communion. It is a sign of Christ's sacrificial gift us His cup of blessing. He took our deserved cup of wrath and gave us an undeserved cup of blessing so that it could preserve us for eternal companionship with God, as it was in Eden. Now, that's something to celebrate!

Run to Win: Running Together

We are adding the last ingredient to the formula for winning the race of life as we conclude this brief series called “Run to Win.” Here is the complete formula: Prayer + Bible Reading + Small Group Accountability = Running to Him. We learn that regular attendance in a large-group setting is an essential act of worship, but accountability and spiritual vitality grow best in small groups of faithful friends.

Run to Win: Bible Reading 101

We've talked about reading and hearing Scripture throughout the summer months and many in our Shiloh family have tasted the fruits and been more than satisfied. If you are among them, this week's message will help you to go deeper with God. If you haven't started, then this will be a great opportunity to start with sound advice for getting the most out of the experience.

Run to Win: The Power of the Word of God

If running to win is running to Him, then how can you know you’re running in the right direction? Prayer makes God the center of your life, but hearing the Word, that is, the heart and mind of God, is the surest way to know what He is like. If you know the way God speaks, you’ll recognize His voice along the way. If you know what God looks like, you’ll recognize God’s face at the finish line.

Run to Win: The Power of Prayer

God created you for a purpose. Finding that purpose begins and ends with prayer. It is the most basic act of faith and it is essential. Running to Win means running to Him. How often do you talk to the LORD throughout the day? Has your prayer increased your faith?

Run to Win: Run to Him

In our new series, "Run to Win" we’ll explore what drives Christian Believers to win the race of life. We’ll discover that running to win is all about running to the LORD.  This series is designed to help Christian Believers of every level, and their non-worshiping friends, to find hope and help for the difficult times we're passing through.

Hang On, Let Go: Two Kinds of Problems

Pastor Dan shares a theme taken from the latest book by author, Frank Viola. 

B90~The River of Life Version 2

The conclusion of the Bible in 90 Days Sermon series. 

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