Knowing God With Heart and Mind

B90~The River of Life Version 2

The conclusion of the Bible in 90 Days Sermon series. 

B90~The River of Life Version 1

The conclusion of the Bible in 90 Days sermon series.

B-90 ~ The New Covenant Released

The B90 journey reached Pentecost this week. It is an undercelebrated yet extremely important event in the story of God and His people. Christ's death and resurrection restored the relationship with God that was lost by Adam. The gift of the Holy Spirit restored the indwelling heart and mind of God, also lost by Adam. Christ's victory dethroned the enemy of God and ruler of the world. The world changed forever with the establishment of Christ's Kingdom and the indwelling Spirit found in Christ's servants.

B90~ Treasure in Heaven

Why is money so important to people? Why does money become such an impediment to a healthy spiritual life?  Jesus talked about money more than He spoke of Heaven and Hell. He talked about money more than anything else except the Kingdom of God. Jesus talked about money in 11 of 39 parables. One of every seven verses in the Gospel of Luke addresses the topic of money. Did the Jubilee clause of the old covenant go away? How does Jesus teach the heart of Jubilee?

B90 ~ Jonah’s Prayer

By now, most B90 participants have begun reading the New Testament. Nevertheless, there are significant matters to be discussed regarding the last books of the Old Testament. There are fascinating references to the New Testament that we will consider. Also, we will look at the story of Jonah and consider his attitude toward God's plan of forgiveness. The something fishy about the way Jonah and some of us think about people we disagree with. 

B90: The New Covenant

Our journey through the Bible in 90 days has brought us within view of the New Testament.  Like pilgrims to the Promised Land, we can see the distant hills of Judah, and our hearts are lifted. The people of the old covenant have witnessed the destruction of their once superpower nation and suffered the consequences of breaking the terms of their bond with God.  As the remnant returns they we unknowingly witness the end of the old covenant. As people of the new covenant through Christ, we see with Spirit-filled eyes that He is the new Temple and Pascal Lamb.

B90 - God’s Nature and Purpose

B90 participants have crossed the halfway point of their journey through the Bible in 90 days. Therefore, we will take stock of what we’ve learned so far.  It will be a fascinating overview of the entire first half of the Bible, and all in thirty minutes or less.

B90 - You Have Searched Me and Know Me

The Author of the Jubilee clause is the One who knows and searches the heart of the Beloved. The plan for grace and sanctification is an expression of the LORD’s very nature. Therefore, union with the LORD through Christ will complete the vision and scope of the Old Covenant. “I will surely gather My people from all the lands to which I have banished them in My furious anger and great wrath, and I will return them to this place and make them dwell in safety. They will be My people, and I will be their God.” (Jeremiah 32:37-28)

B90~The Lord is My Shepherd

In this message Pastor Dan cover's a lot of territories. The principal theme is the difference the Holy Spirit makes. We'll consider whether King Soloman may have been a prototype of the post-Pentecost believer. 

B90 - Gideon’s Temptation and David’s Sin

B90 readings up to this point have,  in some respects, been similar to pulp fiction novels. Yet, many essential truths lie amid intrigues, affairs, and politics. David’s kingdom is still sought by Jews today. However, Christian readers of Scripture realize that the Old Testament is slowly turning toward the New. With and after David, more and more prophecies about the coming Messiah and King of Kings appear.

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